Monmouth County Roofing: A Top Choice for General Contractor Work

We here at Monmouth County Roofing are the best known for our roofing repairs and replacements, but that’s not all we do. Our general skill in carpentry, plumbing, and en-gineering, among other related contracting fields, allows us to do a number of different tasks. We feel confident in our ability to handle just about any home improvement or miscellaneous renovation project that our customers might feel inclined to ask of us. For instance, one of our specialties is the construction and installation of new rooms in previously unfinished spaces, like an attic that you just started to supply heat to, or a basement that you want to expand into a teenager's bedroom, an in-law apartment, a play space, and office, or just some more elbow room for your Jersey family. We can do this sort of job painlessly and easily, and all for a fair price. Give us a call today, and see what we can do for you.

We can also work with you to remodel your bathroom or kitchen into the room of your dreams. We have the staff that can handle everything associated with these jobs. To start, we can help you design and craft a vision for what you want. Everything from color schemes to appliance choices can be explained to you, and we can help make sure that you are making all of the best choices for your taste. We can also perform all of the work that needs to be done to make these dreams a reality. From the carpentry of the new cupboards to the plumbing work required to hook up appliances, we have you covered. We can offer advice on the best lighting techniques to make your space really shine, and we can even help you put in new windows that will allow sunlight to flow through. We can do everything, and leave your new room looking pristine. Give us a call today for more information–we’d love to over talk your options.

At Monmouth County Roofing, our team has the know-how and experience to tackle any roofing job – but that experience also goes into other kinds of general contractor work. Our skills are diverse and can cover a number of services. We can add architectural details that will greatly increase the value of your home, from arches and dormers to striking cap shingles. We can help restore your masonry to its original beauty, and we can even ensure that all of your deck and patio surfaces are properly waterproofed and prepared for adverse weather and usage. We can even do skylight installation as well, putting the finishing touches on a roof or ceiling that allows for a bevy of beautiful natural light to stream into your brand new space, highlighting all of your wonderful details and thoughtful touches. If these sound like services that could be of interest, please call us today at 732-527-4017 or continue to look around our website for more information.

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Thank you to the roofing team from Monmouth County Roofing for doing our emergency roof repair after last weeks storm. We never new we had a leak until we had that sideways rain and it poured into the soffit and dining room wall. You guys found it and fixed the next day. We are very grateful,

- Christina Houston, Monmouth Beach