What are Examples of Monmouth County Roofing’s Roof Services?

Regardless of the scope of your roof contracting work, we can handle it – our teams are trained and experienced in a variety of roofing services. First off, we act fast, getting crews out to you ASAP so we can minimize water damage and save you money. We can also perform emergency roofing services and repairs, protecting your investment and minimizing your worry. We are well-known in the industry for the providing of pre-ventive maintenance too, so we can help you make sure that little problems do not be-come big ones. Also, our customer service doesn’t stop with hammers and nails–we’ll help you through the tiresome insurance paperwork too. You can just talk to all of our satisfied customers who can speak to our quality and scope of work. We would love the chance to work for you too, and we can do all of the roofing services that you could need.

Roofing services are often far less expensive than they appear, and the scope of a pro-ject may not be anywhere near as intensive as customers might worry it to be. For ex-ample, regular roof cleaning is a vital part of roofing maintenance, and we’ve performed this service across Monmouth County with great success. We can often make aesthetic improvements through routine maintenance that make a roof look good as new – for far less than the cost of replacement. We can also install energy efficient shingles, which help keep the heat of the sun out in summer months and help you lower cooling costs in your home or business. We can also take a look at your roof and recommend services, from stability assessments to storm damage inspections. We have extensive experience in a wide range of repair services, so call us today immediately to gain more information from our customer service team, or take a look around our website. Call us right away to learn more!

We are not just limited to residential roofing–we work well with commercial needs as well. We can work with materials like PVC or TPO roofing membranes, or work with BUR or modified bitumen, which we can install using cold adhesives or torches. A BUR, or built up roof membrane, is a traditional gravel type roof that gives you some interesting options on drainage and water protection alike. We also provide services working with metal materials on roof, like in the instance of flashing or copper sheeting. No matter the type of roofing project, you can rest assured that we handle it. Furthermore, we specialize in roofs that have a steep pitch to them, which some roofing companies refuse to even touch due to the skill required to work on them. We can do it all, and we can prove it to you. Give our customer service team a call anytime to discuss further at 732-527-4017, or visit us on the web.

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Monmouth County Roofing did a tear off and roof replacement on our home last week. They were meticulous in the way they protected all of the landscaping. They cleaned up every nail and piece of debris leaving the property looking like they were never here. We are very happy with our new roof and with this roofing company.

– Edward Greenblatt, Elberon