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In the field of roof contracting, it pays to work with people whose track record for excel-lence stands clear. At Monmouth County Roofing, we’ve spent decades helping cus-tomers throughout New Jersey complete their roofing projects with an emphasis on efficacy and satisfaction. Whether you need to repair a roof leak, re-shingle your home, replace a flat roof on an industrial property, or anything in between, we can assist. We have a highly competent and courteous team of roofing professionals, and our customer testimonials show a dedication to precision service. No matter the size or scope of your NJ roofing project, we’re here to help. Call today to learn more about our diverse roofing services.
Perhaps you have a routine roof cleaning job that you’re looking to complete faster than a DIY timeline allows. Perhaps you have significant roof rot from a neglected property, but want to remedy the situation without necessarily replacing the entire installation. Perhaps you’re looking to make aesthetic improvements on your property to increase the value of your investment. We can help with all of these – call us today!

When you’re picking a company to perform a service for you, you have different criteria. You want a company that is based locally and employs local folks, and gives back to their communities through sterling service and impeccable value. You want a company that can handle any type of roofing repair or replacement or installation job possible, using any number of a myriad of materials. In short, you want Monmouth County Roofing–the best choice for any serious home or business owner who wants to leave their roof in pristine order. We can also do all sorts of miscellaneous general contracting–from insulation installation to soffit construction to entire room or house remodels. Pick up the phone and give us a call at any time, or visit us here on the web for more information about our services and offerings.

Monmouth County Roofing is known far and wide around New Jersey, from Vineland to Toms Grove to Newark, as an industry leader. We can handle your residential, com-mercial, industrial, or agricultural roofing job. We can work with all materials, including slate, copper, or asphalt, among many others. We can work with challenges like phan-tom leaks or steep roof pitches as well. We know roof repair and replacement – from the wear and tear of weather that can affect shingles to the variety and ever-changing number of materials that homeowners can pick from to the newest techniques in sealing and leak proofing. We can do it all, and we know that we can do it for you too, right here in New Jersey. Call us today at 732-527-4017 or visit us on the web at any given time, and our customer service team would love to talk you through your options.

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Thank you to the roofing team from Monmouth County Roofing for doing our emergency roof repair after last weeks storm. We never new we had a leak until we had that sideways rain and it poured into the soffit and dining room wall. You guys found it and fixed the next day. We are very grateful,

- Christina Houston, Monmouth Beach